try{harder} Level Up: sponsored by JetBrains

Great news! I’m dead chuffed to be able to announce that JetBrains are sponsoring try{harder} Level Up.

Thanks to JetBrains, all participants will get a full Personal License for IntelliJ IDEA 11, which would normally set you back £155.

Can’t code withoutJava IDE with advanced HTML/CSS/JavaScript
editor for hardcore web-developers

try{harder} Level Up is a collaborative-learning conference aimed at mid-to-senior developers with a background in ActionScript. It’s taking place next week – 19th to 23rd of March, in Nottingham, UK.

try{harder} Level Up is a residential course – you’ll be sharing a luxury lodge with other participants, and the freelance-discount price of £699 (reduced from £1300) includes accommodation and some food, so your only other costs will be transport, beer money and dinner.

Numbers are limited to 16 – 8 try{harder} Mentors, including the people who brought you Robotlegs and Swiftsuspenders, and 8 new participants (one of them could be you!).

We only have a handful of spots left, so get in fast!

Why IntelliJ IDEA?

Many of the Mentors are IntelliJ addicts, and can run participants through the set up process, so that you’re up and running straight away.

We’ll favour using IntelliJ IDEA for our pair programming sessions because the high powered refactorings are particularly suited to “TDD as if you meant it”, in which new code is always written in the test case and only makes its way to production classes using refactoring tools.

IntelliJ IDEA 11 is an ideal IDE if you’re working in multiple languages – with support for languages from CoffeeScript to Ruby (and of course AS3). In addition to all the built-in features, you can bolt on workflow-specific power-ups such as John Lindquist’s Robotlegs and Signals plugins.

We’re thrilled that JetBrains have taken the time to consider and support what we’re doing with try{harder} – if you want to attend next week’s Level Up, you can get all the info here.

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