20 things I learned at the Robotlegs 2 Summit

I’m returning from having spent 5 days in Spain with Shaun Smith, Till Schneidereit and Robert Penner – intensively and collaboratively developing a plan for a plan for Robotlegs 2. Sadly Joel Hooks couldn’t make it, but that has an upside in having to re-confirm our direction with someone who hasn’t drunk the same koolaid. (Actually it was coffee and mohitos).

Sensible information about the plans for Robotlegs 2 will emerge as soon as we’ve had a chance to consult with Joel. Until then, I can only say that right now I feel like the luckiest AS3 dev on the planet, and here are 20 things I have learned:

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Order of operations, default behaviours and your brain

I’m a creature of habit. I form strong habits very quickly. My wife and step-son joke that if I do something 3 days in a row I may well wind up doing it daily for the rest of my life.

This has pros and cons.

The cons are the obvious ones: some habits are not so good to have. I have had most of them!

The pro is that making good habits is useful.

In programming, habits are my default behaviours – my normal-for-me practices. We all have them – and, just like lifestyle habits, there are good ones and not-so-good ones. Ones we adopt mindfully and ones we just kinda slipped into. And we don’t really like it when people point out our bitten nails. Continue reading »

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try { harder } – a collaborative flash-dev conf.

What? Another flash-platform conference?

Yup – but this is different kind of conference, a collaborative conference.

To skip my ramblings about why we’re setting it up the way we are, just jump straight to the try { harder } site:

try harder beta-conf, 3rd - 6th October, 2011, Notts UK

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Think like a medic

Ok, it’s not brain surgery. But there are parallels between practicing medicine and practicing programming – most obviously that every decision we make or don’t make has two streams of problematic outcomes:

  1. Problems arising as a result of not taking action
  2. Problems arising as a result of action we take

The second set are those we refer to as side-effects. And in programming, as in medicine, there is always the possibility that the cure will kill the patient. When the original condition wasn’t that serious this is a real downer.

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Flash on the Beach: Robotlegs 2 & your brain

Super excited! I’m confirmed as a speaker for Flash on the Beach 2011 and tickets just went on sale:


Session info isn’t up on the site yet, but here’s what I’ll be delivering – Continue reading »

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