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man brain entry

man brain

I was totally blown away by Flash on the Beach. What a lot of smart, interesting people!

My full slides will follow tomorrow. I’m going to release a flick-through version that includes extra text, and a screen-cast version with voice. Thanks to everybody who made my first FOTB experience so rewarding – I’m very glad that I got out of my comfort zone and did it.

For now – a little something for the lovely people who attended my presentation on “Robotlegs 2 and your brain” – that vital missing ‘man brain’ entry file.

Tested on Mac OS X but it should work for Linux too.

Download brain.1.gz: brain.1.gz

Don’t unzip it.

Then open your terminal and type:


It’ll return something like


Pick one of those paths (I use /usr/local/share/man), and check there is a man1 subdirectory.

Then type:

cp /path/to/download/brain.1.gz /usr/path/you/chose/man1/brain.1.gz
man brain


(If you get a permission denied error, you may need to add ‘sudo’ to the front of the ‘cp /path/…’ line – it depends on the directory you choose to use.)

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  • http://twitter.com/angerelle Angela Relle

    (…or save it to any old directory called man1 and add man1′s parent to MANPATH)

    Nice! :-)

  • Alessandro Bianco

    - seen the screenshot
    - didn’t get how this relate to robotlegs
    - wish I was at fotb
    - guess the slides will explain that
    - eagerly waiting now

  • Gordon

    getting a  Permission denied error

    • http://www.xxcoder.net Stray

      Hi Gordon – you may need to sudo the cp line. As in –

      $ sudo cp /path/to/…

      You’ll be prompted to enter your password to sudo. That should do it.

      I’ll update the instructions – thanks for pointing this out.