Freelancers: try{harder} Level Up, £600 off!

Newsflash: The price for freelance attendees of try{harder} – Level Up will now be £699.

How? The mentors originally agreed to do the conference for a nominal sum to cover expenses plus one day of pay, but in the interests of making try{harder} – Level Up accessible to more freelancers, we’re now running the conference on an expenses-only basis.

Although there’s only a week and a bit to go, we expect that at this price those last places will go fast – so, if you have an opening for the week of the 19th March and you don’t want to miss out, get in touch now. (Hell, make an opening for the week of the 19th!)

The winter try{harder} 2012 will be the first week of October, but at present there are no slots at that conference available – all of the original group from 2011 have said they’d like to keep their place in 2012. So this is the only opportunity for newcomers to experience try{harder} in 2012.

Should I really invest in flash-based learning, now?

If you’re thinking of shifting away from AS3 as your primary platform, Level Up couldn’t be more suitable:

Till Schneidereit (Swiftsuspenders) has been working in JavaScript for some time, and as he’s also now helping Mozilla to develop FireFox, he can blow your mind with the latest live-debugging / rapid-prototyping tools available for JS.

Plus, most of the mentor sessions are platform neutral, and many are geared towards our current development climate:

Till Schneidereit: Project Forensics
How to detect the clues that allow you to make changes in someone else’s codebase, fast.

Shaun Smith: Robotlegs 2
Architecting for extension.

Stray: Fluent code
Creating DSLs, fluent APIs, helpful builders and meta code, with examples in AS3, php, Ruby and JavaScript.

David Arno: You can be a polyglot too
How to efficiently analyse and adopt new programming languages.

Michal Wroblewski: Maximizing performance in mobile games
You’ll learn that optimizing performance on desktop and mobile require different strategies. Covering rendering options including the latest AIR SDK 3.2 possibilities and also which gaming frameworks will help you achieve this. Prepare for a ‘tricks&tips’ intensive presentation.

Robin Wilding: Maximising developer flow

Angela Relle: How useful are your user stories?

Bonus offer: Come to try{harder} – Level Up and get a free ticket to btplay

We’ve got one btplay conference ticket to give away to the next person to sign up for Level Up who wants to attend both.

The btplay conference: Play, Beyond Tellerand, is 25th – 26th April, 2012, in Cologne, Germany.

I’m speaking at the conference and also running an AI workshop on Building Intelligent Applications (Workshops are not included in the standard ticket we’re giving away).

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