try{harder} Level Up

March 19th-23rd: try{harder} Level Up is a conference with a difference:

5 days, 4 nights.
8 try{harder} mentors who took part in the original try{harder} and want to share it with…
8 new try{harder} participants who want to level-up.
Everybody teaches, everybody learns.

ActionScript Developer’s Guide to Robotlegs – done!

The Robotlegs book I’ve been collaborating with Joel Hooks on is finished! Here’s how it looks from afar:

My mailman doesn’t open my mail

or, implement the Mediator-Mini-Controller anti-pattern at your peril.

The robotlegs out-of-the-box implementation – what I like to think of as the standard issue trousers – relies on a version of the mediator pattern.

In this usage, the mediator’s job description is clear: deliver stuff from the application’s shared event dispatcher to the view, and from the view to the event dispatcher.

Like any good delivery service*, it also offers enhanced packaging for your exotic sending needs. Perhaps slipping your simple MouseEvent into an air-mail-approved CustomEvent envelope.

A good delivery service also varies its delivery approach based on the type of thing being delivered. Simple letters belong in the mail box. Packages requiring a signature lead to a knock on the door. Fragile goods are handled carefully.